Patient Testimonials

“I highly recommend Dr. Delgado. I suffered for 6 years with post-surgical pelvic pain. I saw several doctors and had numerous diagnostic tests performed without any diagnoses or treatment options offered other than pain medications. Most physicians told me the only way to accurately diagnose and treat my pain would be to have additional abdominal exploratory surgery. I came to the Gynecology & Wellness Center bringing all my medical records with me. Dr. Delgado reviewed my records, talked to me about my history and gave me some options for pain management. Most importantly, Dr. Delgado confirmed that my pain was real, could be attributed to my prior medical history, and she was willing to work with me to manage it. After several acupuncture sessions my pain had decreased dramatically and I could reduce the medicines I was taking on a daily basis.” ~ B.R.

“Dr. Delgado was so great through my whole process with diagnosing my IC. The pain was so unbearable but a year later after my instillations and prescribed medication I am pain free. The instillations were quick, painless and the nurses were really helpful. Good luck to all of you and believe me there is relief in sight.” ~ K.C.

“I have had pelvic pain since I started my period when I was 13. I went on the pill at 18 and had some relief. Once I gave birth to my son it got worse. I was told by a local gynecologist that my only option was to have a hysterectomy at 25. I researched and found Dr. Delgado. She diagnosed me with IC, Endometriosis, and IBS. I started with the 6 instillations and diet modifications. After that I began the freeze dried aloe vera treatment. I have had a lot of success! I am no longer in constant pain, and when I do have a flair up I take extra Uribel or alter my diet. I am even getting ready to try to conceive my next baby! I know it is scary when you are diagnosed with IC which is a chronic disease, but it can get better if you just use the options given to you!” ~ S.A.

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